JR to Heal & Evolve

I believe health and vitality are essential to human spirit, my vision is to elevate my highest expression of individual health and beauty that pleases the aesthetic senses and the mind.

Here are the 5 basic principles that define JR to Heal & Evolve:

1) Personalized health care treatments: to treat the individual, not the disease. It supports the normal healing mechanisms of the body, naturally, rather than attacking disease directly.

2) To see deep into the functioning of the body: what happens within us is connected in a complicated network or web of relationships. understanding those relationships allows us to heal easier and faster.

3) Our body is intelligent and has the capacity for self-regulation: which expresses itself through a dynamic balance of all our body systems.

4) Our body has the ability to heal and prevent nearly all the diseases of aging.

5) The 5 Dimension of Wellness. Overall wellness is composed of 5 individual dimension of health (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual). The goal is to find a good balance between all five dimensions.